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Product Name: Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy

Product Description: Skinception Intenside Stretch Mark Therapy works to reduce the stretch marks - old or new. It is formulated with ingredients such as Darutoside® and Regestril®. The combination of these ingredients in Skinception Intenside Stretch Mark Therapy was clinically proven to diminish the skin stretch marks by up to 72.5% within just 2 months. This Skinception scar treatment cream combines natural skin care ingredients and patented peptides, which include Regestril, Darutoside and ProCollOne+.

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Skinception Stretch Mark Cream Review Summary

Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy Cream – One Of The Best Scar Treatment Creams

This scar treatment cream is a stretch mark removal product that was formulated to reduce old and new stretch marks on your body – breast, thigh, arm, belly, buttock, back. Its’s patented active ingredients combination is clinically proven to help rebuild the vital collagen and elasticity.

Skinception Manufacturer And Their Claims

The manufacturer states that the skin cream’s ingredient helps to enhance the skin tone and combat to reduce the stretch marks visibly. It also has a 90-day money-back guarantee. You can ask for a full refund if the stretch mark cream does not meet your expectation. Skinception scar reduction therapy cream can be bought online from their Official Website.

Skinception – Does Stretch Mark Cream Work?

Yes, this stretch mark removal cream is clinically proven to work.

A recent clinical study conducted across 13 women with stretch marks from pregnancy, applied a 2% of Regestril concentration on the stretch marks for 2 months. The study showed that a 72.5% reduction of the stretch marks was observed.


  • Clinically proven to work
  • Effective in reducing stretch marks in all skin types
  • Enhances the elasticity of the skin
  • Proven to help build up the collagen production speed and quantity


Need some time for the collagen and elastin to develop

Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy Cream Ingredients And How It Works

This skin care product works to bring back the dermal matrix balance of your skin by enhances and increases the rapid production of collagen and elastin. It is also formulated to prevent stretch marks and repairing the existing marks.

Skinception’s Key Ingredients


Improve the skin’s thickness which helps to minimized the scarring.


Improve the skin’s elasticity, contain anti-inflammatory ability and help to combat the skin damage.


Enhances the skin’s texture and helps to repair the skin.

Pro-Col One+

Improves the collagen production and even out the skin surface and thus works to reduce wrinkles.

How Do I Use The Skin Mark Reduction Cream?

It is recommended that you apply twice a day – day and before bedtime.

Any Side Effects?

There are no side effects.

How Long Before I see Result?

You can see a reduction in the stretch marks usually after 2-3 weeks. It is recommended to use the cream for at least 2 months for the optimum results.

top model using Skinception


America’s Next Top Model Lisa D’amato Uses Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy Cream

Nobody Likes Stretch Marks

For some, stretch mark is in a way proof to the world that you have lived long enough and probably have done remarkable, impressive things. However, if you are hitting the beach, you may find that having all those marks all over your tummy, thigh and buttock can be a really unflattering experience.

Most Men And Woman Have Deep Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are something that most of us can do without. However, it is also a thing that most of us will have as a result of aging, pregnancy, weight lifting, etc. Most events can trigger the skin to stretch and leave a mark.

Why Are You Here?

You are here probably you are just like me, and most of us – looking for answers to “how to get rid of stretch marks fast” and looking for the best product to remove stretch marks.

Striae Stretch Marks

Striae is formed when your skin is damaged from the inside-out. Most of the people thought that the stretch mark was a result of excessive stretching of the skin. The real cause of the skin mark is due to the lack of elastin and collagen. Without both of collagen and elastin, the layers between the skin start to separate. You will see some red strips or spots, then it eventually turns white as a result of pigment loss. Finally, it turns into stretch marks on the stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks.

Final Verdict – Skinception Stretch Mark Reduction Cream

Skinception is formulated to focus at reducing stretch marks and improves the skin tone and appearance. It is clinically proven to work on different types of skin surface.

This skincare product is natural, and you will see the significant result after using it for 2 months. This is a good removal cream to use if you have stretch marks on the thigh, tummy, breasts, arms or other parts of the body.

Where To Buy The Skinception

You can go to their Official Website.

Any Discount Code And Coupon

Their Official Website often has promotion discount offers. Visit their site to check out for any discount code.

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