How to Prevent Stretch Marks during Pregnancy Effectively

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Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Learning how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy is a top priority if you are pregnant.  You need to start taking measures to reduce the marks appearance right from the beginning of your pregnancy.

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Many struggles to try removing stretch marks and preventing these scars on their body. Marks that occurred after pregnancy, or after weight loss is hard to reduce and eliminate.
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Studies show that about half of all pregnant women will end up with stretch marks at some point during their pregnancy.  Pregnancy stretch marks are caused when your body has grown too fast for your skin to keep up, so it stretches and splits causing scars. Pregnancy marks occur most often in the stomach area, but are also found on the thighs, breasts and buttocks as well.

Cosmetic Procedures for Stretch Marks

If you’re looking for an immediate cure, this can require laser therapy or microdermabrasion. However, if you’re only looking for a way to improve them, the least invasive approach is to use a topical application. Exfoliating products will remove the top layer of skin, while also stimulating the production of collagen and promoting new skin cell growth.

For better results, laser removal is an option. A cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist will use laser light to burn off the scarred skin so that new skin can grow in its place. This definitely works to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and can produce faster results. Commonly, most patients will need to go through six to ten sessions before noticing optimal results. Laser therapy is costly and will not be covered by your health insurance.

Tips To Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks

While it certainly isn’t easy to prevent stretch marks, there are some methods that are effective in removing them or at the very least, reducing the redness, making them less prominent.  There are several proven ways that you can do to reduce stretch marks, let’s go over a couple of those now.

Elasticity of your skin

One of the most important things you can do to maintain the elasticity of your skin is with massage. A massage with an organic oil such as cocoa butter, olive oil, or almond oil will soak into the skin and moisturize the upper layers allowing them to grow without cracking and splitting. It’s important to massage your skin, and all the vulnerable areas around the stomach thighs and breasts, at least twice a day throughout the nine months of your pregnancy.

Maintain hydration

Another important factor in preventing pregnancy marks is maintaining your body in a constant state of hydration by drinking plenty of water. While your body is working overtime to care for the fetus, it tends to get overloaded with  salts and waste products causing overly dry skin that resists stretching and cracks easily. By continuing to drink plenty of water, up to 10 glasses a day, you can keep your skin moist and glowing for the nine months that you’re pregnant. A good indicator of whether or not you getting plenty of water is by examining your urine, you should keep it light yellow color at all times.

Nutrients and vitamins

Keeping your skin supplied with plenty of nutrients and vitamins that it needs to grow is also vital in preventing stretch marks. Particularly vitamins A, C, and E and the mineral zinc are essential nutrients used by collagen to give it more elasticity and help your skin grow and replenish itself. While it is best to get your nutrients in the food that you eat, it’s not always possible while pregnant, so you should consider taking a multiple vitamin or pregnancy supplements as recommended by your doctor.


Between massages and hot baths, it’s important to apply stretch mark creams that you leave on your skin to keep it moist at all times.  Creams containing aloe, vitamin D, olive oil, and other natural ingredients provide nutrients for your skin from the exterior, keeping it pliable and elastic to avoid stretch marks. For the final four months of your pregnancy you should leave these creams on all of your vulnerable areas permanently.

Many people have sworn that over the counter oils and creams can work to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks, however, there is no reliable evidence that these products will do anything other than hydrate the skin. Skin irritation will often be a common problem for pregnant women who suffer from itchy and dry skin on the belly. Applying cocoa butter and lanolin won’t do much in terms of stretch mark prevention, but they can help to remedy other skin issues, so go ahead and apply them liberally.

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How quickly and how much weight a woman gains will also play a role in how to prevent stretch marks while pregnant. Gaining fifty pounds or more is going to cause the skin to stretch more than a thirty pound weight gain, and gaining thirty pounds over a period of nine months will give the skin more time to adjust when compared to rapid weight gain within the last trimester. Commonly, many women will gain a significant amount of weight during the last eight weeks, and while it sounds hard, it’s crucial that you continue to monitor and pace your weight gain throughout the duration of your pregnancy.

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to settle for having stretch marks. And even if you are going to get stretch marks, the more you follow the advice above, the less severe your stretch marks will end up being and the more likely they will disappear after you deliver your wonderful baby





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