Do Home Remedies for Stretch Marks Work?

If you do not wish to break your bank, the best approach is to use home remedies for stretch marks removal.  There are many reasons on what causes the Stretch marks – pregnancy, sudden weight loss or gain, or even hormonal change.  The skin is being stretched beyond it’s normal capacity and thus creating the tears and these marks.  The most effective approach is to get the stretch marks treated immediately while the marks are still “fresh”.  You can use the home remedy for the marks if you are concerned about budget.  Just to note that such approach may not get rid of the stretch marks totally.  However, they are effective in reducing their appearance. For marks that are mild and young, sometimes home remedy is all you need to make these scars fade away.

Top Remedies for Stretch Marks

Most stretch marks will occur around the breasts, hips, abdomen and other fatty areas. These marks will usually appear as red, pink or purple when fresh.
stretch marks on abdomen

Common remedies from stretch marks include cocoa butter, vitamin E and potato juice.  A mixture of cocoa butter and glycerine can be used to hydrate the skin as well as minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Mix glycerine and cocoa butter together and apply the concoction using circular motions. Apply two to three times a day. Be sure to apply a thin layer and let it dry.

After applying the oil, add a light coat of vitamin E oil over the stretch marks. The vitamin E will help to prevent the skin from darkening further and will also help to improve the skin’s elasticity.

Potato juice is another popular stretch mark remedy.  Apply the juice three to four times a week. Potato juice contains vitamins and minerals that will help to restore skin cells. Cut up a potato and rub the juice directly onto the affected areas. Leave the juice on until it dries and rinse off using warm soapy water.

Wheat germ oil is obtained from the embryo of the wheat grain and contains a large amount of vitamins D, E, and A. It also contains squalane, which naturally promotes cell growth. This oil will aid in the regeneration of the natural skin processes. It will nourish the skin and preserve and heal it. The antioxidant properties will build collagen and prevent further damage from occurring. You can use this treatment two to three times daily, until the stretch marks improve.

Avocados are an excellent remedy for stretch marks. Use the meat of the avocado and mash it, applying it directly to the affected areas. The oil in the avocados will work to hydrate the skin while also working to minimize the appearance of the stretch marks.

Over the Counter Stretch Mark Remedies

Use stretch mark creams in addition to home remedies, in order to speed up the healing process. Most stretch mark creams will contain retinol, which also works to even out the skin tone. These creams are available over the counter or by prescription. Use these home remedies for a period of four to six months for the best results.

When home remedy for stretch marks or over the counter medications fail to work, most people will turn to cosmetic procedures such as microdermabrasion or laser therapy.Save


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