Remove Stretch Mark On Breasts

Stretch marks on breasts are quite common amongst pregnant women. During pregnancy, many women tend to put on weight fast. Breast is a part of your body which experiences mechanical stress during pregnancy. Other parts where you can see pregnancy patches are hips, arms, and abdomen. Sudden enlargement of breasts during pregnancy, leads to the stretching of the skin. Extensive stretching of the breasts’ skin leads to the breaking down of collagen and elastin.

Causes Of Stretch Marks In Breast

Initially, the lines on breasts would have deep red scars. Over the years, these red scars turn white. However, I do not understand why you have to deal with stretch mark on breasts post pregnancy. You can significantly control the occurrence of red patches on your body. Yes, it is true that you cannot do anything about your genes and ethnicity, but other factors that are the cause of this problem can be controlled by you.

Lack of water is a leading cause of this problem, you should drink plenty of water to avoid spots on breasts. Carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go. If you are also suffering for morning sickness, it becomes even more imperative that you replenish the fluids. Another point that you must note here is that you should drink water in between meal and not while you are having your meal.

Doctors always point out the importance of healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy. A balanced diet goes a long way in preventing stretch mark on breasts. To find more about what constitutes a balanced diet, you can read books on the subject or just simply talk to your doctor about it.

stretch marks for breast

Pregnant And Breast Stretch Marks

If you are pregnant and you do not want to have ugly lines on breasts, you must exercise. Again talk to your doctor, who will be more than willing to tell you about the right exercise regime for you. Exercise will help you avoid putting on excessive weight. Remember what I said earlier that weight gain leads to ugly red lines.

During pregnancy, you should keep your skin supple. Besides drinking plenty of water, you should use a good moisturizing lotion to keep your skin supple and soft. Lotions help keep these patches at bay. Vitamin E, almond oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, etc. are some very effective ingredients of these lotions. Again, I must point out that it helps to read on the subject.

Prevent Marks

However, with all the tips and remedies, it is not always possible to totally prevent stretch marks. Consult your doctor about the right treatment for you. Remember that pregnancy patches removal might be hard but it is not impossible. If you have been taking care of yourself from the very beginning of your pregnancy, you stand a better chance of effectively dealing with your stretch marks.

You must keep in mind that marks are not an end for you. There are very good treatments available, so you must never lose hope.

New moms leave no stone unturned to hide their pregnancy stretch marks. Stretch marks on breasts are caused by the enlargement of the breasts resulting in the damaging of collagen. Knowing this as the main cause of stretch marks, whatever be the method you choose as stretch mark treatment, just go about the procedure patiently as stretch mark removal takes time.

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