Best Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy You Can Use

Maternity Stretch Mark Cream
Here are some of the recommended and highly rated best stretch mark cream during pregnancy period that you should use to prevent those unsightly pregnancy cellulite marks. Stretch marks in pregnancy is natural and perfectly normal.

If you’re planning on getting pregnant, or already pregnant, then you know there could be a problem with pregnancy stretch marks. They’re hard to avoid, especially when you’re busy gaining all the weight you need to gain to keep that little bundle of joy healthy and happy. Luckily for you, hard to avoid isn’t the same thing as unavoidable, and there are a few things you can do in order to help stymie the possibility of getting the marks.

Best Stretch Mark Cream For Pregnancy

Burt’s Bees Richly Replenishing Body Lotion

One of the more popular pregnancy stretch mark cream that get used is Burt’s Bees Richly Replenishing Body Lotion. It’s a cool, smooth cream that works well for preventing pregnancy stretch marks. The way it works is that it keeps the skin nice and moisturized, and helps lower the body’s creation of cortisone.

Cortisone is the hormone produced by the adrenal gland that causes stretch marks. What it does is lower the skin’s natural elasticity, which, when coupled with weight gain, causes the stretch marks to appear.

Burt Bees Richly Replenishing Body Lotion
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Another popular cream to use is Marksil. Marksil has been clinically tested to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It’s also been given an eight week visual appearance test, meaning that they studied different women’s skin for eight weeks while applying the cream. Over those eight weeks, Marksil proved that it had what it took to reduce and sometimes erase stretch marks all together.

Bio Oil

Bio oil is a versatile oil and it can be used to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.  This is an affordable remedy that are used by many with great results.  There were many positive reviews in their official site.  The oil contain a number of active ingredients that include purcellin oil, Vitamins A, rosemary oil, calendula oil and others.  You can read more about Bio Oil Review here.

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Coconut Oil

This is a natural home remedy that have been used for generations.  Coconut oil is easily absorbed into the skins and this help to moisturize the skin, help it to stay supple and moist.  This helps in preventing those marks from getting worse.  This is a cheaper alternative as compared to some other lotion.  If your marks are deep and aged, then coconut oil alone may not work well for you.  You may require stronger   However, if the marks are young, then you can try using this oil to help reduce the marks on the skin.

Coconut Oil for stretch marks

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If you’re uncertain about using fancy chemicals and high dollar treatments, there’s always the low cost solution. You can make sure to use a simple skin moisturizer on your stomach every day. Studies have proven that using skin moisturizer helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Sadly, it doesn’t help if stretch marks have already begun to appear, so if you’re already having problems with stretch marks, simply using a moisturizer might not be for you.

Lastly, any creams using glycolic acid are useful in reducing or erasing stretch marks. This substance helps boost the amount of collagen in your skin, which increases its elasticity. Since stretch marks are caused when the skin looses its elasticity, boosting it would help you to avoid stretch marks as they form.

And that’s it! Most of these pregnancy stretch mark creams are available at your local pharmacy, so don’t feel shy about asking for them. Many of them are inexpensive, as well, costing no more than ten or fifteen dollars a bottle. No matter what method you choose, good luck!

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