Conquer Stretch Marks after Pregnancy

There has been plenty of talk about preventing stretch marks after pregnancy, and while there’s certainly steps that can be taken in order to minimize stretch marks, prevention will not typically be possible. While rapid weight gain or weight loss will attribute to stretch marks, for some people stretch marks in pregnancy is entirely genetic.

Over the Counter Treatment Options

If you have a family history of stretch marks then you may be fighting a losing battle. However, there are some things you can do to help avoid severe stretch marks after the pregnancy.

stretch mark remedies

Skin that’s healthy will have fewer stretch marks, so good nutrition is an important part of stretch mark prevention. While completely preventing stretch marks is impossible, using creams and lotions to keep the skin hydrated is never a bad idea and it’ll help to make stretch marks less severe. Even in pregnancy, carefully monitoring the amount of weight you gain is very important. Rapid weight gain in pregnancy will also cause stretch marks, so be sure to gain no more than one pound per week, unless advised otherwise by your physician.

All stretch marks have a life cycle. In the beginning they will appear purple and red. During this point in the life cycle they will be easier to treat, allowing you to have more flexibility in terms of how you decide to treat them. After several months the stretch marks will change. They will fade in appearance and turn an almost silvery white. Once they have reached this phase they will be much harder to treat, which is why it’s important that you begin treatment as soon as possible.

Before you deliver your baby, speak with your midwife or doctor about the treatment of stretch marks after pregnancy. For optimal results, treating the stretch marks early on will be your best bet.

Most of the inexpensive treatment options will include vitamin A derivatives, lotions and creams. When it comes to over the counter medications for stretch mark treatment, you’ll want to find one that contains retinol. Retinol will work by stimulating collagen production. Typically, it can take six to eight weeks before you notice any effects from this type of treatment. If the retinol medication you’re using is irritating your skin you might want to switch to a different product.

Alternative main ingredients in these medications include onion extract, centella asiatica, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. If over the counter medications are not very effective, you can meet with a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon in order to find an alternative treatment.

Costly Cosmetic Procedures for Stretch Mark Removal

One of the most effective treatments for post pregnancy stretch marks is laser surgery. There are different types of laser that can be used and this will be determined by the type of stretch marks you have: alba or rubra. These treatments can be quite expensive and will not be covered by your health insurance because they are cosmetic in nature.



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